Thursday, 17 May 2018

God Bless

Hari ini, gua belajar sesuatu.

Belajar berserah.

Ini pengalaman dari gua sendiri. Yuk sharing ya guys..

Gua dari kecil bermimpi ke Singapur, mau tinggal sama nyokap. Dan sehabis kuliah akhirnya gua diterima kerja di Singapur.

Tinggal sama nyokap, dapat partner baik, kerja baik, sehat, dan seterusnya. Tapi itu ga membuat gua bersyukur, malah gua bilang sama Tuhan, " Tuhan jangan ambil kebahagiaan ini dari aku".

Gua takut, iya gua insecure. Bukan sama manusia , tapi sama Tuhan. Lah ? Kok bisa?
Gua takut Tuhan ambil kebahagiaan gua, gua ga percaya Tuhan ada di samping gua, gua takut kalo gua ada apa apa keluarga dan semuanya ninggalin gua.

Padahal gua lupa.. semuanya dikasih sama Tuhan.

Yah , sedih memang dan gua malu buat ngakuin.

Tapi nyokap bilang ke gua , Tuhan tuh sayang sama kita. Dia selalu berkati kita. Dia punya rencana indah buat hidup kita.

Terus gua terharu. Gua minta maaf sama Tuhan. Tuhan aku berserah walaupun insecure. Maafkan aku Tuhan

Susah banget ya ternyata berserah guys.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Review : Hatha Yoga at Yoga Mala

Hi guys!! IM so happy I was into hatha yoga a lot

Hatha yoga make myself happier somehow. For the beginner (like me) I really suggest you to take hatha yoga because the instructors will slow down, and with lower pace of yoga you still can catch up, stretch your body well and obviously lose that fat ! LOL.

Yogamala is located at CBD area , near raffles place there. I love the place so much as I enter the place.It is a  cozy place and as a first time-er at yoga mala, they ask me to fill some form and show me the locker where I put my things. They provide you with shower and some table to do your make up too !

The session is pretty cool, and my teacher/coach was angmoh. I get to chit-chat with her before the class start and she told me its okay to not being flexible , and don't give up , she on and off practicing yoga for 7 years. And wow I am pretty impressed cos she cycle from Buona Visa to CBD ( around 20km) wah! Other than that, i asked her, if beginner like me should take aerial yoga and she told me yes just go for it. :P

The class was good, and i got more and more balance from the previous one. I think i slowly fall in love with yoga. Is just so relaxing and the next day you will feel that your body become more and more lengthen ( HAHA!)

OMG . See those rope. I cant wait for my aerial class.. ( Will review it for sure)

Ps. Yoga Mala got few class that you can try like aerial, hot yoga, and many different type of yoga.
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See yall soon girls

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Review : Yoga In Sync

After moving to Singapore for 6 months, I didn't even have time to do a proper exercise. Me and my boyfriend hit gym like once a month or even more than that. We couldn't find any time for exercise as we too tired to move on weekend ( employee life ..sigh)

While ago, we really gain a lot of weight, so after so much consideration  decided to buy a Guavapass for myself. LOL. ( For him, he  is in army + got dragonboat so I believe he did more exercise then myself)

After buying the guavapass, I gone thru checking which class I want to try. FYI, I really not flexible, and well I rarely do PT. So I was thinking doing Yoga. After some search, I choose this yoga place call Yoga In Sync for Hatha Yoga classes. What I expect in the class for beginner like me is a patient teacher

And oh well, the next day after work , I came into Yoga In Sync, but the door was close! oh no I thought I was late or smtg, luckily end up got somebody open the door

When I entered the studio, the studio is pretty cozy, they are a place where you can put all your stuff in a rack, and they are a lot of yoga props too. After change, we wait for the timing, and the class start. The teacher, Kwan asked who is first timer / beginner? and I raise my hand. LOL since I really don't have yoga experience before. We start the class slowly, and Kwan was really patient , she go around the class to help us , correct our posture. It was tiring and my muscle felt like tearing off already.

The class was about 60++ minutes and I pretty happy with the result since the class was only 4 people, so Kwan got more chance to help us . Kwan make sure everyone is okay , and she also told us to take a break if we need it.

It's was pretty good first time experience. After the class, I felt like my body get stretch and more relax the day after

Well thanks Guavapass

Note :
* Yoga In Sync provided you Yoga Mat so you don't have to bring your own mat.
* Located on CBD Area ( 21A Bukit Pasoh Road, 089835 . Stop at Outram Park , and go to Exit G)

Ps! If you new to Guavapass feel free to use my code :