Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Its just me

ive learned something about love today

love is about giving , not receiving
love is about being happy when your partner is happy
love is about being to let go when he is choosing someone else
love is just beautiful art and peace of mind 

when you get it right , you will know how wonderful it is . maybe im not being choosen .. or maybe im not the right one for him . but i got this big heart :) to tell him to be happy . to tell her that i hate her but i want her to protect him. to tell her  that love him like i did :) 

im that kind of girl .. the girl that will do things right .. cause i believe everything will fall into peaces and will get it right

Friday, 4 December 2015

Dear You

For her , that he choose

Dont make him sad , cause he choose you instead of me
Dont make him angry, cause he too tired after work
Dont make him to talk when he not feel to , cause he need sometimes to be himself
Dont make him dissapointed , cause he have been handling too much trouble

Please take care of me , because he is worth it .

Dear the one that left,

you always say , i always make you unhappy .. always make you angry ..

so now .. please be happy without me , dont angry , i will go .. its time up for me ..

but just rmb my promises . every christmas, i will wait you in the corner of that christmast light

waiting for you to come home .

Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Voice

One day i wakeup in the morning
And i heard someone telling me

Hey , where are you? Where are the old you .. 
The one that never give up on what you love . The one who will wait for love patiently , quietly? The one that will use your heart genuinely love 
Where are you ..

And i answer , i scared..

The sounds said , Dont scared , Dont give up .. The pain and all your tear is the beginning of your happiness . Wait here , hang here , cause I will give you strength . 
Be the one that have a courage like you use to be . All your tears will be changed into happiness .

Trust me, when you love with your heart and mind .. Miracle will happened . 


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Empty Promises

time passing by
i fell in love with you
just you , the unique you .
so naive 
taught everything was fine .

parting away is our choices to do wishing you always be happy
remember  you told me once , "i will wait you i promise"
promise fade in air just like our love

 i never will be her
realize that im always trying too hard just to be her
she come back, they are only sunshine in your face
hurting me knowing that  im not making you happy as her do

go find your love . 
while im still here ..
waiting for your empty promises

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Changing

there are a part on your relationship that you think its stuck . and sucks . and it is . sometimes you feel there are no way that you can tahan this relationship anymore

altough u ask , u tell your friend about it . but somehow everytime you talk back to your partner its just feel difficult to understand him /her . its just not that simple at the theories . there are always expectation coming up and up . 

you forever feel that he so far from
you . you miss him . the old him . bt you realize that wont come back . he just changed 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Pain Of Being Lonely

As a normal human being , we need friend , need love from others . Its true that we born to feel it and sense it .

It makes as grow , but love and friends doesnt come easily . I realize 22 years of my life , ive been finding who is my real friend ? who is my real love? 
I know , lots of quotes on the internet might said "Happiness is from yourself " yes is true , but not 100 percent true tho. 

Being lonely , being insecure is what i have been feeling for my past 22 yrs. its quite complicated tho , cause on one hand you insecure and being lonely , but on the other hand, when people come to you, uknowingly you reject them .

Reject them cause you scared , cause what you feel , cause what happened last time on the past. But today i learn one thing ,that makes my perspective really change . Feel the pain, feel the scared , and see who ever infront of you , they are not involve on anything on your past , and they never do anything wrong . Isnt it fair for them if only they feel our insecurities ? 

being confident that you deserve to be there , that you are capable for everything that you want . and you deserve a love that you need .

thanks you , to bring the best out of me . to make me realize that i am worth for myself . and i am worth for you 


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Summer In The Corner

Its been a year ive been posting so many things . Its been a awesome year for me to change , 21 years old , tons happened and shit happened . 

I cant believe how i change in like 11 months , i didnt know , that ive been so lack of confidence , so lack of everything .. but to be honest , this learning never be easy , like its painful to growing up

so , i will be back , stronger then ever :)


makeup and style inspired by troublemaker -hyuna .