Thursday, 6 April 2017

Review : Yoga In Sync

After moving to Singapore for 6 months, I didn't even have time to do a proper exercise. Me and my boyfriend hit gym like once a month or even more than that. We couldn't find any time for exercise as we too tired to move on weekend ( employee life ..sigh)

While ago, we really gain a lot of weight, so after so much consideration  decided to buy a Guavapass for myself. LOL. ( For him, he  is in army + got dragonboat so I believe he did more exercise then myself)

After buying the guavapass, I gone thru checking which class I want to try. FYI, I really not flexible, and well I rarely do PT. So I was thinking doing Yoga. After some search, I choose this yoga place call Yoga In Sync for Hatha Yoga classes. What I expect in the class for beginner like me is a patient teacher

And oh well, the next day after work , I came into Yoga In Sync, but the door was close! oh no I thought I was late or smtg, luckily end up got somebody open the door

When I entered the studio, the studio is pretty cozy, they are a place where you can put all your stuff in a rack, and they are a lot of yoga props too. After change, we wait for the timing, and the class start. The teacher, Kwan asked who is first timer / beginner? and I raise my hand. LOL since I really don't have yoga experience before. We start the class slowly, and Kwan was really patient , she go around the class to help us , correct our posture. It was tiring and my muscle felt like tearing off already.

The class was about 60++ minutes and I pretty happy with the result since the class was only 4 people, so Kwan got more chance to help us . Kwan make sure everyone is okay , and she also told us to take a break if we need it.

It's was pretty good first time experience. After the class, I felt like my body get stretch and more relax the day after

Well thanks Guavapass

Note :
* Yoga In Sync provided you Yoga Mat so you don't have to bring your own mat.
* Located on CBD Area ( 21A Bukit Pasoh Road, 089835 . Stop at Outram Park , and go to Exit G)

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