Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Raise : Impulse Buying

So basically few weeks ago im email by Ms . Jessica from to inform me about Raise .

Basically what is Raise?  Raise was a website that offer you a discount card from alot of brand choice that can help you save the money .
( you can read thru the link

Basically what i wanna talk at these post is when is splurge time for me or saving time for me?

Im definetly splurge on high quality items . I will make quality the first instead everything . But yeah , somehow i also will splurge when im in love or having some WANTED list for long time ( i dont even care about the price somehow)

On the other hand , i will save something for unreasonable price  ( like if i wanted to buy some dress for 60over usd , for now is too much expensive for me , im still in uni so yeah got only few pocket money that i must save for something . ) i will considering again and again for unreasonable

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